Kayakiste, Rivière Jondachi, Nuevo Mundo, Équateur
Plaisir et aventure, Rivière Jondachi,, classe III, Nuevo Mundo, Équateur
Kayakiste, Rivière Jondachi,, classe III, Nuevo Mundo, Équateur

Jondachi-Hollin River class III-IV

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Rafting Ecuador

Rafting Ecuador: breathtaking landscapes!


This river runs down the middle of a primitive valley in the Ecuadorian rainforest. Interspersed with traditional suspension bridges used as a trail by the local Kichwa Indians, it alternates between technical rapids and calmer sections to give us the chance to make the most of the breathtaking scenery.


The character of the descent changes completely when the Jondachi flows into the Hollin River, after about 20 km. The water flow and vigor of the rapids are increasing, while remaining predominantly Class III and IV.


Be careful, you will have to pass the famous “Waffle Maker”, a class IV+ rapid, which will require good maneuvers and all the energy of the crew!


Are you more adventurous? Try rafting on the Quijos River, class IV.

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Rafting Ecuador