Quijos River, class III+.

Recognized by kayakers and whitewater sports enthusiasts   The water of this river takes its source and meanders in the heart of 3 big parks of Ecuador (Sumaco, Cayambe-Coca and Antisana).   The region is famous for its biodiversity and its incredible birds!   The Quijos River is well known to kayakers and whitewater sports… Continue reading Quijos River, class III+.

Quijos River, class IV

Recognized by rafting and whitewater sports enthusiasts   The first few kilometers of the river allow the crew to warm up well for this long section of sport river composed of dozens of continuous rapids, each more interesting than the last.   Between the launch near the village of Borja, and the confluence with the… Continue reading Quijos River, class IV

Jatunyacu River class III

Spectacular landscapes of jungle and mountains.   The name of the river Jatunyacu means “Great water” in Kichwa language. It is indeed a river of great flow which takes its source in the high mountains of the Andes and which flows towards Amazonia.   The river offers big waves and spectacular landscapes of jungle and… Continue reading Jatunyacu River class III

Jondachi-Hollin River class III-IV

Rafting Ecuador: breathtaking landscapes!   This river runs down the middle of a primitive valley in the Ecuadorian rainforest. Interspersed with traditional suspension bridges used as a trail by the local Kichwa Indians, it alternates between technical rapids and calmer sections to give us the chance to make the most of the breathtaking scenery.  … Continue reading Jondachi-Hollin River class III-IV

Hollin River, 2 days class III-IV

Rafting Ecuador: breathtaking landscapes   This 2-day expedition will allow you to live exceptional emotions in a paradisiacal environment in the middle of the jungle, its fauna and its breathtaking flora.   The waterfalls, the splendid canyons, the flowers and of course the impressive rapids which follow one another will produce from this adventure one… Continue reading Hollin River, 2 days class III-IV