FAQ sur l'Équateur

Frequently asked questions?


Q: What is the minimum number of people to go rafting?
R: A rafting trip is organized as soon as there are 3 people or more. If there are less than 3 of you, write us anyway and we can confirm if an activity is planned for the day you are interested in. You can then join another group to do the activity.


Q: Do I have to show up in case of rain or bad weather?
A: Certainly, all temperatures are good for rafting. However, changes in water levels due to rainfall could alter the route of the activity or the section of river used.


Q: Is a snack offered during the activity?
A: Certainly, a snack is offered for the few hours activities and full meals are planned for the 2 day Hollin River trip.


Q: Do I need some experience to go rafting?
A: No experience is necessary but good physical condition is preferable, especially for long rafting trips like the Jondachi-Hollin and the Hollin 2 days.