Rafting- kayak: what to bring in

For rafting: For the river A pair of sneakers, water shoes or sturdy sandals that you can swim in A swimsuit A nylon jacket or windbreaker if needed Sunscreen (important) An attachment for glasses if necessary Tips: Do not wear cotton clothes on the river. Remember: Spare clothing Towel Pocket money to tip the guide… Continue reading Rafting- kayak: what to bring in


Frequently asked questions?   Q: What is the minimum number of people to go rafting?R: A rafting trip is organized as soon as there are 3 people or more. If there are less than 3 of you, write us anyway and we can confirm if an activity is planned for the day you are interested… Continue reading FAQ

Our Team

Our river team is made up of experienced guides and kayakers (average of 20 years of whitewater experience per person) from Canada and Ecuador.   We are supported by an amazing ground crew that will make sure you are welcomed, provided with good snacks and transported safely.   Come meet us for a kayaking and… Continue reading Our Team

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Rainforest Rafting Ecuador is located on the Bypass road at the junction of route 45 just east of Baeza (about 1km).   Come to the hotel La Casa de Rodrigo in Baeza (colonial part) for your rafting or kayaking activities with Rainforest Rafting.   Make sure you have booked in.


Need accommodation ?!   Don’t hesitate to contact us for our preferred locations in Baeza, Tena and Banos. Our answers will of course vary according to your budget and your expectations! It will be our pleasure to facilitate the preparation of your itinerary.